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Live Tasting Events Will:

• Increase brand awareness
• Encourage Consumers to try and buy the featured product
• Influence the Consumers decision to buy your product over the traditional methods of television, Radio and Newspaper advertising.

Live Tasting Events

When consumers can see, smell, touch and taste your products, they are more likely to buy your product.  It is an effective way to influence their decision to buy your product over the traditional methods of television, radio and newspaper advertising.  During the promotion, Consumers become part of the Live-Tasting experience.


In-Store Demonstrations and Promotions

In-Store Demonstrations and Promotions are designed to Increase Brand Awareness.  Our Demonstrators encourage consumers to sample your products and explain the key benefits and value of your product.  Our demonstrators are sales minded and results oriented.  They always encourage Consumers to Try and Buy your featured products.  Our Demonstrators are Enthusiastic and Engaging and are successful in the promotion of Coupon and Brochure campaigns.

Event Promotions and Food Shows

We pride ourselves in providing Well-Groomed, Experienced and Professional Staffing for all your needs.  We regularly participate in the Fancy Foods Show, Tony’s Show, Natural Products Expo, Food Maxx Cinco De Mayo and Fiesta Del Sol Events, Costco Roadshows and many more.  We can provide unlimited resources to meet your needs at competitive prices.

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